discover yourself, wondering what the heck
is going on with you or the world,
explore the dimensions out of your everyday life,
the oneness, the energy we all feelin.

The creation and imagination of the connecting oneness.
We live in a world with lies, truths,
fear, love and health, sickness in different areas.
So one of my motivational dreams and desires are,
to create always in the here and now a new colorful world with LOVE,
awareness and honesty, with the possibilities and conditions we have.
It is very important to keep up with the time
to explore always new solutions and experiences.
And I am sure, we are having an amazing time to doing it! 


Everyone of us is individual and this is one of the
most beautiest things of human being.
We have the chance to take decisions.
Each of us has a special mission and if you follow and
support YOURSELF for this way, you will receive happiness as a gift.
This is no religion, no spiritual air, no health recommendation, no force in something uneasy.
Youniverce will show you the truth behind the unconditional love.
YOU are special, powerful and strong!
Every little thing you SAY, THINK and what you DO is Important.

This is my task for YOU.
To make the world a beautiful place, where nothing is impossible,
where the awesome believe in the truth makes us feel FREE.
You are a part of the universe and the universe is a part of you∞



I am an Artist, a selenophile: Cissy (like Sissi),
this is the reason why youniverce is written with C.
If Artworks, Selfhealings, Prints, Clothes, Photographs –

all comes from my crazy brain and lovely heart.
I love sun, ocean, nature, cats, moon, sky, stars, fruits and to face my fears.
It is not necessary what others thinks about you as long as you live your own life and passion.
When you are feeling sick, unmotivated, depressive, hate yourself
– step back and dont push yourself too hard.
We have to live with every up and downs, each of us in different ways.

I feel connected to the nature with unconditional love and light in the darkness of my inner world

The story how youniverce is connected with my self:

First, Youniverce was the reflection of my growth in art and self development of my life.
i finished the first fashion handmade collection near 2014 „intergalactic youniverce“
to bring the idea of the universe creation
After my graduation and work experiences,
a new concept was created with handmade,
colorful hand painted clothes and eco fabrics.
My personal strengths takes me back to university,
where photography and digitalart in fashion was my passion.
So i tried to edit my new colorful clothes
and shootings ive done and bring that passion turns out
in an endless mood of photographs and artworks that you can actual find here.

In my past, i had many different experiences between dark and light
with my piesces sign and deep clairsentience.

I forgive myself, to take the chance
to live the life i have always feel passionated by.
Many voices from the OUTSIDE and INSIDE have stopped me and blocked me in my head.
So that was the reason, why I take my way back to Self-Healings,
which i had created in the past and explored new ones,
especially to FACE the FEARS you have is a daily task for everyone, forever.
I am so proud that i got my own way out of this and found back to my purpose mission of life:

 „Inspire you, to transform fear in love. „


we live in the abundance of all things, it is up to you!

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