Holistic stress management using color is the purest healing force in the universe.
Color is absorbed at the cellular level as a vibration and enters the Master Gland, the Pituitary.
It is absorbed through the skin, affecting every cell in our bodies.
Cells are light sensitive, and so colored light affects their growth and behavior,
causing subtle and gentle bio-chemical changes to take place.

Every color that we can see, in the seven spectrum, has a special power,
quality and essence all its own, and when used in healing can balance and amplify the energetic body,
comprised of the chakras and the subtle body or aura.

Color vibrations not only nourish our cells and organs, both in the food we eat,
and the colors we wear, but also have a powerful influence on our emotional state and our spiritual well- being.
We can choose colors that uplift us, give us a sense of community,
promote conversation or nurture our alone time, and all of these are healthy choices.

Color does affect our moods and those around us.
We use terms like, seeing red, green with envy and feeling blue, but how is this possible?
Our feelings and emotions are affected by the balance of hormones in our body.

Do a quick assessment of your home, clothes and jewelry.
Is there a Color theme? Do you gravitate to the same colors or is there a good variety?
Do you mix colors with flair and drama, or try to match floors,
curtains and furniture, or clothing items with jewelry?

Do you choose your clothing based on style, line and weather,
or on the effect you want to manifest for the day?
What is your favorite color? What does this say about you?

Try mixing Colors in your home, office or wardrobe, for new results.
Want to change your life? Change your colors!

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